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We are an adult toy company that specializes in the creation of toys modeled after animals.  We do also offer several models not modeled after animals too, so be sure to check those out.

If you're looking for a specific something in a design and we don't have it, head on over to our forum to suggest something new!

Returning customer? Post a review in the forum and get $5 for each one!

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News for July - First Prize for June was order #7279, they will be receiving the Teacher toy with their order
Second prize is still to be anounced
For this month, we are offering $5 off of the Timber Toy
We will also be holding 2 of the contests this month.
First prize for paying customers is a Natural colored Small Hyena
Prize for e-mail is Slip Knot , in your choice of color.
We are still keeping the offer going for any order over $100 (Before Shipping) We will include a free Surprise toy, and Lube (our Choice)
Sale Toy:

The Timber The Wolf Toy

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