Straight from the mythical realms themselves here are our famous fantasy dildos, realistic representations of our most famous models from our raptor to our feathered friend the gryphon or even the scaley dragon! There's are all kinds of unique models avaliable for your most wild bedroom pleasures. Believe it when we tell you these guys are ready to fulfill your deepest desires. Their curves and bumps tickle anyone in just the right way and confirm why this line is one of our best sellers, people just can't get enough! These toys are slowly being produced and switched over to our silicone versions so don't wait till your favorate toys are gone!

Fantasy Toys

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The Dragon
For a long time people have trouble sleeping, whether it be from anxiety or stress, sometimes we just can’t sleep; while other times we sometimes wake up for no reason. It’s said that sometimes, late at night you can hear him, the creature of the night. He goes around looking for just the right person, occasionally moving from home to home as his heavy breath and reverberating footsteps shake the ground. He doesn’t visit everyone; just a few each night, but those that do get to see him are shown his true nature. He’s not vicious no, but shy; creeping around in the dark, trying to find a friend to play with. Here at Zetapawz we tend to work all kinds of hours making our beloved animal dildos and just so happen to stumble on this hunk of a nightly creature roaming our halls early one morning.

The measurements are 2" across the tip, 7 1/2" shaft, 2 1/2" across the Ridges, 10 1/2" from tip to base, 12" total length.

Our price: $70.00 (€60.90)
The Gryphon
Everyone likes a little fresh air now and then and here at Zetapawz we sometimes need a break too. So we took a break to walk around outside one day and happen to stumble on the treasure of a lifetime. He’s magnificent, and we were shocked beyond belief that we would run into such a noble beast of the air. He’s our Gel Gryphon and boy is this guy a favorite! Just about everyone falls in love with this handsome hunk, which is why we couldn’t resist bringing him back to our shop and getting right back to work a.s.a.p.

The measurements are 2" across the tip, 6 1/2" shaft, 2 3/4" across the bottom Knot, 10" from tip to base, 11" total length.

Our price: $80.00 (€69.60)
The Mini Gryph
So not quite looking for our longest or biggest animal dildos? Do you have your eye peering at something a little more manageable? Well here at Zetapawz we know that no holes are the same, or made equally for that matter, so we’ve got all kinds of animals and creatures to fit anyone just right. Of course we’ve got a few of our favorites that we just couldn’t resist making a little smaller so anyone can feel everything they have to offer. It was really a unique opportunity we had when we found our Gryphon and he was very willing to let us catch more than an eyeful. We liked him so much we had to make two toys.

The measurements are 1 1/2" across the tip, 5 1/2" shaft, 2" across the bottom Knot, 9" from tip to base, 10" total length.

Our price: $55.00 (€47.85)
The Mini Raptor
Here at Zetapawz we’ve got all kinds of awesome dildos, toys of all kinds of breeds and sizes. We’ve seen all sorts of bulges and bumps, knots and tips, just about anything anyone could want. Of course a few of our dildos are favorites for the fans and we couldn’t help but make them a little more user friendly. Introducing our Mini Raptor, our fiery little guy that looks just like his bigger brother; of course he’s not exactly the same, with and added set of luscious balls, he’s assures to be just as fun, if not more so than his older brother.

The measurements are 1.25" across the tip, 6" shaft, 1 3/4" across the Ridges, 8" from tip to base, 10" total length.

Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
The Raptor
Here at Zetapaws we’ve got a few of our Dildos that just stand out, much more than others and while this might be no exception for this guy, he’s definitely not in the same class of Dildo as some of our others and he’s certainly willing to prove to you why he’s a star. He’s our Gel Raptor and he’s got everything, tapered tip, ridges along the shaft and of course those wild ribs near his base, of course we left out the claws and teeth for your safety. He really is a great piece and we couldn’t believe it when we stumbled upon him walking on a nature trail around our area around here. We couldn’t help but bring this bad boy back to our studios and really get a good look at him

The measurements are 2" across the tip, 8" shaft, 2 1/4" across the Ridges, 10 1/2" from tip to base, 12" total length.

Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
The Tentacle
Straight from the deepest, lustful fantasies of the Furry community comes a truly unique ‘member’ of our popular fantasy lineup, he’s assured to let your imagination run wild as he introduces you to the possibilities of everyone’s deepest fantasies. He’s our Tentacle and he’s the jewel of our fantasy line, our pride and joy of everything imaginative our minds could think of. Of course he’s just the ticket for anyone’s deepest desires, his willing length is eager to fill any holes he might come across, and he certainly knows how. Just about anyone has seen the pictures of him and his brethren stuffing and filling an unsuspecting victim, tying them down with their long appendages and having their way with anyone they just might come across.

The dimensions are 1/2" wide at the tip, tapering to 1 3/4" wide near the base, 2 14" wide oval, and 8 1/4" overall length.

Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)