Here they are the toys that made Zetapaws famous, the ever-respected Gel line. No matter how many times we try to get rid of them they keep coming back, which is why the big wigs here at Zetapawz have brought them all back. Zetapawz will continue to offer our original experience as we make our transition into our new Silicone line so hurry and get your all time favorites before they're gone for good! Our gel toys are 100% safe, firm and durable in all the right ways, and with three hardness options, one can find the right fit for any situation or skill level. Zetapawz Gel line offers more types of animal dildos than any other toy maker and with our history and experience why go anywhere else? Every dildo, from the Pocket pal to Thor is hand crafted with the very best experience in the business. These Gel dildos are truly one of a kind, and with them slowly going away for good, better get them before they're gone!