Yep it's the new boys on the block! The brand new line of ever expanding silicone canine dildos. And what a lineup we have here, with everything any canine lover could wish for. From the littlest of kit foxes to the hung stud called our natural Akita, we really have a puppy for anyone. Cast in our 100% safe silicone material these canines are designed to be either naturally textured or smooth and perfectly supple to the touch. Featuring an assortment of perks and pricks, these dildos are known for their knots most of all, and with our professionally hand crafted curves and buldges they are absolutely assured to create those fuflilling ties everone is craving for!

Canine Toys

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Boxie the Fox
Introducing Boxie the fox. The littlest pup of the natural line from Zetapaws, but by no means the least fun of our animal dildos. He is an energetic little fellow, shy, but more than willing to fill all the right spots if you let him. Boxie is excellent for beginners and those new to any canine toys. He might be the smallest of the ‘natural’ pack, but by no means is Boxie to be understated. His gentle natural texturing gives him the pride to puff his chest out and be proud to be the first of his kind, the closest thing to being real. Boxie is very considerate at times, being just the right size for those nervous few that are looking for a little something, a noticeable difference from the standard play toy in the bedroom.

The measurements are 3/4" across the tip, 5.5" from tip to base, 2" across the knot.

Our price: $35.00 (€30.45)
Durka the Dingo

Our price: $65.00 (€56.55)
Euro Akita
Super Slick Euro model Akita Toy

Our price: $90.00 (€78.30)
Euro Ruff Jr
Introducing the first in our line of Euro Dildos, The Euro Ruff Jr. the perfect starter for any novice and the perfect warm up toy for any ‘tight’ beginner. This naughty puppy comes fully swollen with a generous curve under his shaft that bulges and fills all the right spots. His curved tip lets him gently gain easy entry and reveals that this playful little guy loves to tease and tickle everywhere before he gets busy. Jr. is our smallest canine dildo and also shares our smallest knot, the perfect introduction for anyone shy to taking any kind of knot.

The measurements are 3/4" across the tip, 5.5" from tip to base, 1.5" across the knot

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Euro Ruff Stuff
This is Euro Ruff, Zetapaws’ silicone representation of our classic canine Dildo and also the largest of our Euro line of canine toys. He is covered in our slick texture and is assured to be silky smooth, able to glide and ‘pop’ in all the right ways, giving him the perfect place to be used by those who are not only new to canine toys or animal dildos in general, but also Ruff is perfect for those who are looking for more from their toy. He has a bulged shaft that is unique to some of our toys, but he is the only Euro that has this feature and let me tell you, that first bulge on his shaft is bliss when it slips inside. Ruff also has a dimpled tip that tickles and loves to tease even your deepest most regions.

The measurements are 1" across the tip, 7.75" from tip to base, 2.25" across the knot, and the knot is about 1.5" tall.

Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
Grand Pup
Well here he is boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, Zetapawz fans of all ages, it’s been a little while since we’ve introduced our show stopper of a canine and well we just don’t want to get rid of him. He’s our one of a kind, alpha male of our pack of canine dildos, the Grand Pup, the mac daddy of all canine dildos. He’s massive, and when we say massive we mean this guy is huge!

Our price: $175.00 (€152.25)
Hyena Pack
We are offering a discount when both Hyena toys are ordered together.

The Small And Medium Hyena toys if purchased speratly is $80
If you purchase the combo pack, you get $5 off

Our price: $75.00 (€65.25)
Medium Hyena
Here we are pleased to offer for sale the Medium Sized Hyena toy, the bigger brother of our original Hyena toy.

We are sure you will be pleased with the feel of this boy as he "pops" that wonderful round head nto you before slipping further inside over the graceful bulge near the middle, finally settling into you near the base.

This is one expericcance to be remembered and has always been one of my most favorite shapes.

Our price: $45.00 (€39.15)
Natural Akita
Here he is ladies and gentlemen, the Natural Akita, Zetapaws’ crown jewel of our silicon canine dildos. Believe it, when we say this thing is massive we mean it as every detail of this toy bulges and swells, even just looking at him one can’t believe the detailed expression of this toy. His absolutely full shaft and knot is pumped up and ready to heft his canine swagger, his heavy length swinging side to side as those who get their hands on this big dog know they are going to have their hands more than full with this bad boy.

The measurements are 9.5" or 24cm tall overall, 2" or 5cm thick on the shaft, with an oval knot that is 3.5" or 8cm wide x 2.5" or 6cm thick, and the knot is 1.75" or 4cm tall. He is covered in our natural texturing.

Our price: $100.00 (€87.00)
Roys Toy
Zetapawz has quite the pack when it comes down to it, we’ve got all kinds of sizes of canines and all sorts of shapes too. There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes down to it and our goal is to bring them all to you in every luscious inch, curve and bulge. Our old friend has been around a while now here at Zetapawz, and he’s quite the handsome one, our old time hunk of fun Roy’s Toy. He might be one of our oldest toys, but believe us he’s not lost a bit his edge. His unique shape is pleasant to just touch and feel, yet alone tease with; he’s got a unique curve and bulge to his shaft that’s a pleasure few have experienced. Of course, we here at Zetapawz want to change that and give anyone a real chance to have this hunk of a canine dildo at their bedside for years to come.
He’s cast in our smooth and slippery Silicone material, assuring anyone that’s he’s gonna slide right in. From his dimpled tip to his bulbed knot, every part of this ‘old man’ let anyone know that he’s got just more than experience to offer. His knot is assured to be a great tie and we’ve added a little length behind that knot to let it sink right in. He’s really a great ol’ dog to have around, and even better to have in your bed. Boy is he eager to sung in under those covers, of course he’s eager to get under them for other reasons. This canine is ready to become anyone’s faithful nighttime companion, and he’s willing to show up right up on your doorstep.

Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
Silicone Kit Fox

Introducing our most playful pup of our canine dildos, the silicone Kit fox. Kit is a shy little fellow, hiding in the bush and avoiding even the friendliest of folk. It took some time but we finally persuaded him to show off his stuff and be cast in this beautiful silicon toy. Kit has a wonderful bulge under his shaft and with his slick and smooth Euro texture, he’s sure to glide into anyone’s deepest fantasies. His gently curved and pointed tip loves to tease and shows that Kit might be shy, but when you get him riled up he’s just a big tease and loves to tickle those most delicate parts. Kit is the middle size of our three Euro toys, just slightly smaller than Ruff and a nice step up from Jr. His unique shape is perfect for collectors and is very easy on the eyes. Easy on the eyes indeed as his length is one of a kind, letting anyone lucky enough to take this bad boy home know just why he’s a must have for anyone. Kit’s timid and shy attitude stop at the bedroom door when you get him in your hands. His smooth Euro texture is a murring fox’s delight, showing anyone that he certainly has the experience to show any new comer a thing or two. Kit is a wonderful addition to anyone’s line up of toys and makes a great first purchase or gift for that special someone. This coy and naughty fox is willing and ready to be brought home with anyone and he’s sure not to disappoint.

Total height: 7" (17.78 centimeters)
Usable length: 6" (15.24 centimeters)
Shaft length: 3" (7.62 centimeters)
Knot width: 2" (5.08 centimeters)
Knot circumference: 6.50" (16.51 centimeters)

Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)
The Helmutt
This is Hellmutt, a medium sized canine dildo for all those intermediates looking for something more. He’s ready to model for you and show off his expertly crafted texture and detailed sheath. Being quite an arrogant adolescent, the size of his knot is only overshadowed by his studded attitude. It’s often said that he actually comes alive when he’s in the ‘heat’ of it all. Those pulsing, rippled veins and curiously curved tip shows he’s definitely been around the block a few times and he’s ready to be as gentle or as rough as anyone would need.

The measurements are 1" across the tip, 7.5" from tip to base, 2.5" across the knot.

Our price: $55.00 (€47.85)
The Hyena
Straight from the savanna comes the laughable hunk of a canine, our very own Hyena. He’s not just in it for giggles, because he knows how to treat anyone he might happen to come across. He’s swift and wild, assuring that anyone he picks to pick up for the night is gonna be one lucky fellow. He’s always got a smile on his face but that sure doesn’t mean he’s just a joker, ok well so he does pull a prank or two sometimes for giggles, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less of a lovable sweetie. He might pull up to his house and chuckle that he just so happen to run out of gas and offer you to stay the night, as silly as he is he’s got a reason we smile back at his jokes.
He’s cast in our smooth and slick Silicone material, letting anyone know that he’s just the ticket for sliding in those last few inches with a pleasure filled giggle, but don’t’ worry he’s not laughing at you. He’s always giggling and laughing at people’s reactions, but of course his favorite is when he hits those certain spots, and trust us, he knows how to hit them. We find it quite nice in fact, that he chuckles a little as he slides right in, letting you know that he’s gonna enjoy this as much as he knows you will. He’s certainly sporting a unique shape around and with his slippery and tapered tip his first bulge is definitely going to sink in suddenly and lock, letting you know that the ride is just getting started. Our Hyena is a great addition to anyone’s collection of canine dildos and he’s certainly going to stand out with his distinguished chuckle.

Our price: $35.00 (€30.45)
The Ruff Daddy
We certainly do have quite the pack of pups here at Zetapawz, and trust us when we say we’ve got a few padding around the halls that are big enough to frighten off any burglar or any unwanted guest for that matter. Well now, we’ve stumbled upon the big daddy of our pack, the Ruff Daddy to be exact; and he sure is a handful, two hand actually. He’s one of the biggest canine dildos we’ve got, and he’s second to none in his massive length. He’s an overwhelming foot long, assuring that he’s gonna test anyone’s limits in the field of depth, and boy oh boy is he gonna test it. This hunk of a dog is a powerful pup, able to pin you down and let you whimper as every inch slides in, some hunger for his lust and he’s exceptionally eager to share it.
Cast in our slick Silicone material, we’ve given him all the help we can at getting that knot in, he certainly needs it. The girth alone is frightening to most, but if you’re willing to brave the knot of our Daddy he’s assured to bring you pleasure like few have ever seen. Ruff Daddy is, of course, deeply fulfilling to ride. His slick shaft and gently curved length will spill over wave after wave of pleasure for you, unlocking a fantasy that few ever get to experience. A truly rewarding encounter indeed, and such a rare opportunity is offered to let you take him into your home. Actually, our Ruff is quite ready to find himself another home, ready to get out and see what other bedrooms he can work his way into and please and stuff his Ruff scruff into.

Our price: $125.00 (€108.75)
Timber Wolf
“Aaaahhhrrroooo!!!!” The loud, long and piercing howl of the tundra wolf echoes through the halls of Zetapaws as we let our wild beast come out and play. If anyone ever wanted to feel as close to nature as possible well this is your chance! Behold the Timber Wolf, Zeta’s wild dog of the northern forests ready to come to you in every luscious feature. From his naturally textured shaft and knot to the soft and rippled pulled back sheath, Timber is truly a work of art and is a perfectly shaped canine dildo, made to look and feel like the real thing. Timber is the bigger brother to the Hellmutt, and slightly larger with just the right amount added to the length and width to ease into those depths, filling anyone willing to ‘mate’ with our wild prince.

Our price: $70.00 (€60.90)