Fresh from the stables come our new line of silicone cast equine dildos a great addition to anyone's collection or first time buy! Our big boys are ready and waiting, willing to show off their stuff and fill even the deepest parts of anyone lucky enough to take their invite. With something for everyone our studs know just how to treat anyone right, with either natural textures that have to be seen to be believed or the smooth option to let him slide in nice and easy there really is a stud here for anyone's tastes. Made with our pure 100% soft and supple silicone these boys can really feel alive with touched, and are even better warmed up before play for that added sensation of realisim, trust us you'll be able to feel the throb when any of these boys come out to play.

Equine Toys

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Ben the Horse

Our price: $52.50 (€45.68)
Euro Knght Rider small
Larger Euro Equine toy.

Our price: $110.00 (€95.70)
Kolton the Horse

Our price: $135.00 (€117.45)
Lucas the Pony
Here he is, Lucas the Pony, our first and smallest natural Equine dildo. Lucas might be a pony, but in no respect does that make him less of a stud. His nice length and flared tip are appetizing to even the most skittish of equine lovers, giving him the perfect place in the line up to be anyone’s introduction to equine dildos. Lucas sure knows how to sweet talk anyone, with his natural texture and median ring he literally looks and feels alive in your hands. His flared crown is perfect for stuffing those parts that need filling and is big enough to stretch you out in all the right ways, and stretch you he will. Lucas knows how it’s done and with his experience he’s more than willing to keep you up all night long.

Head width: 2" or 5cm across the tip of the flare Shaft width: 1.5" or 4cm across the shaft under the head Width near base: 2.5" or 6cm Total length: 6" or 16cm tall.

Our price: $55.00 (€47.85)
Micro Rider
Here is the first and only of our Equine line that is not naturally textured, the Micro Rider. He’s a gentle stallion with his smooth shape and slick texture; his soft and supple shaft will brighten the face of anyone that uses him. As the smallest member of our equine line Micro is wonderful for anyone’s first time toy, and even better for everyday use. Micro is a great introduction for anyone to the world of equine dildos and with his velvety texture, he’s assured to slip right in and fill all the right spots. Micro is perfect for anyone as a starter toy, or a nice addition to anyone’s lineup of favorites.

Head width: 1" (2.5 cm) across the flare Width of medial ring: 1.5" (3.8 cm) Total length: 5" (12.7 cm)

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Oskar the Horse
Here he is boys and girls, our crown jewel of our equine toys, a realistic replica of a horse’s penis. We named him Oscar, and with a name like that you have to ask just how hung he really is. Well let us at Zetapawz tell you he’s a handful and then some! Oscar is cast in the most beautiful natural texture we’ve ever seen, and believe us when we say it’s hard to believe he’s not actually breathing and throbbing in your hands when you hold him. Cast in our supple and soft silicone he’s gentle and strong enough to fulfill your deepest dreams. Oscar is our prized show horse, our stallion that only comes out for those who really love to embrace all that he can offer, and again believe us when we say he offers a lot.

The measurements are 2 1/2" across the flare, 7" from tip to base, 2.5" across near the medial ring, or just over 7" around at the same place.

Our price: $75.50 (€65.69)
Pecos the Pint-Sized Pony
Straight from the stables and ready to prance right into your deepest desires comes a ‘stud’ of sorts and our pride and joyful Pony. He’s our very own Pony, Pecos the Pony that is, and he’s a pint sized Equine dildo full of spunk, just enough for anyone looking for a little hoofed excitement in their bedroom. He’s really a pretty show horse, and he’s just the right size for anyone to take him right into the bedroom first and ride him till the cows come home. Of course, he’s more than willing to show anyone that’s a little shy how things are done and Pecos is perfect for anyone looking for a good starter animal dildo. He’s known around the stables for a reason, and his gifted endowment isn’t anything to shake a stick at.

Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)
The Lil Rider

Our price: $82.50 (€71.78)