Right from the deepest depths of your most wild, pleasured filled dreams comes the most varied assortment of animal dildos we have ever created. At Zetapaws we pride ourselves with our fantasy line and believe us when we say they are all one of a kind. With ridges and bulbs, from knots to curved and bubbled pricks to straws and even dragon scales. They all have a place and here is were you're gonna find em'. Every lucious model is cast in our super soft and supple silicone and assured to give the most out of every encounter you might have with these wild beasts. Any one of these boys is absolutely a great addition to anyone's line up, so don't wait to bring a little bit of this dream world home with you, they certainly are waiting for you to.

Fantasy Toys

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A toy modeled after an anthro Hyena

Our price: $35.00 (€30.45)
Naymon the Dragon
Here at Zetapawz weve got quite the harem of males floating around, each with all kinds of curves, bulges, and all kinds of shapes and sizes. Weve seen quite a few guys in our days and wed thought wed seen it all, but we could have never been ready for this hunk. Right from the origins of anyones fantasies come this big bad boy, and boy is he the naughty hunk, hes everything weve heard of and more; he didnt disappoint us one bit. We were told he would probably be a little rowdy, but as we all know we like it a little rough. If we wanted to guess at it wed say hes just the arrogant hunk weve been looking for. Yep you guessed it, hes our Silicone Dragon and boy oh boy is he ready for anything we could ever throw at him.

Our price: $85.00 (€73.95)
*Nidhogg or Nidhoggr [also known as the "Dread Biter"] was one of the most feared of the early Nordic dragons. He lived at the foot of the world ash tree, Yggdrasil. The tree had three great roots, one of which reached over the freezing mist and darkness of Niflheim where Hel reigned as Queen of the Norse Underworld. Nidhogg could also be found at Hvergelmir [the bubbling cauldron], the spring in Niflheim which is the source of all the rivers of the world.*

Now from the mists of time, this aincent dragon has awakened and seeks a mate.
Will you give yourself over and experiance the passion and desire he offers you?

*information sourced from dragonsinn.net

Our price: $100.00 (€87.00)
The Silicone Gryphon
Its said that the executives here at Zetapawz really do have the negotiative skills that anyone would kill for, and boy oh boy did we hit the jackpot with this one. Hes the king of the skies and second to none in the air or at the tender art of romance. Hes our Silicone Gryphon and hes a handsome hunk of a feathered youth at that. Just a glimpse of his eyes has cooed even the most stubborn of admirers, and hes always trying to find out which one of his fans is the one hes been looking for. Hes swift and soft, perfect at his duties of royalty; hes never failed at a single thing, but were not too interested in his life here. We got the perfect opportunity when he showed up at our Zetapawz studio and boy oh boy were we not unimpressed, hes even more handsome without his robes on; and trust us, we werent staring at those glistening well groomed feathers for too long.

Length:10.75 Inches
Usable Length:8.5 Inches
Diameter of heads first crown:1.25 Inches
Diamter of heads second crown:1.75 Inches
Diameter midshaft:1.75 Inches
Diamter of knot side to side: 3 inches
Diameter of knot front to back:2.75 inches

Our price: $90.00 (€78.30)
The Silicone Tentacle
Over the centuries, scientists have been working on experiments to subdue and interrogate anyone they wished. Some used pain, other pleasure.
All of the projects have been shutdown or abandoned, but only one hasn't been brought down by the creators or groups. The project matured too quickly for the researchers and was able to escape into the ocean.
The scientists won't talk about what happened, but the location is known... and we found it.

We took a trip down to the islands where it was being grown to search for it. Actually, the previous statement wasn't entirely correct. It found us. Late at night we were just out fishing a mile or two from shore and the boat started rocking and then these glowing purple things came up out of the water!

Our price: $90.00 (€78.30)
The Werewolf

Mysterious, Massive, Muscular, Powerful, and Sensual are a few of the ways to desribe the Werewolf. The Werewolf is known by many names; in the New World, they are known as Canis Lupus Maximus. The Old World knows them as Canis Lupus Lycanthrope. On a full moon lit night his mournful howl echos through the highlands, valleys, canyons and over the Lochs.

Feeling strangly drawn to the source of the howls, you peer through the dense underbrush, and there silhouetted in the moonlight, a creature few humans have or will ever see. Standing between six and eight feet tall at the shoulder, easily weighing over four hundred pounds, and covered head to foot in jet black fur. You have laid your eyes on something that is terrifying, yes strangly erotic and appealing to you.

You can easily see in the bright moonlight that it is a male, the light glints off his large sheath, the large orbs between his legs moveing slightly as he looks around and sniffs the air before he howls low again, the hair on the back of your neck stands up, and for a moment your blood runs cold as the memories of your ancestors screams at you to run, but as you step back "Snap" goes a small twig under your foot. Before you can react and run, you glance back to see his ears moveing about, and then his gaze fixes on you, and you hear a low muffled growl. You leap forward but you are caught in mid air and you feel the sharp teeth on your neck, not hard enough yet to break the skin, but to let you know that struggling is of no use.

In a quick decision, you reach back and grasp his thick sheath, moveing your hand over it slowly to let him know you are no threat, and you want to please the large male.
He slowly releases his teeth from your neck and presses closer to you, the sheath now pressing to the middle of your back, as he towers over you, abit of drool running down your shoulder as he initiates mateing with you.

He presses you forward and you end up falling in a pile of dry leaves with your butt in the air.
Turning slowly to look at him and notice a large tip emerging from his sheath, it drips precum on the dry leaves as he steps closer, leaning down to sniff at the seat of your pants, growling deeply as he bites at the beltloop, tugging at it with determination, you reach under yourself and undo the clasp and unzip your pants, his ears twitching as he hears the sound, but hes too focused on your pants, You shivver wildly as you start to pull them down, exposing your warm rump to the large male. He presses his nose under your balls and sniffs deeply, by now several more inches have emerged from his sheath and his tip thickens. Taking a chance you turn slowly so you can see it better, whimpering like an Omega wolf, you slip your head under his chest and press your nose to his tip.
The werewolf growls happily and presses it to your face, smearing precum along your nose and lips, marking you as his mate, his toy now. you press the tip to your lips and whimpr again as you taste the warmth and sweat of the large male, yet you are suprised as he seems to have a foreskin aswell. Pressing at it more, the skin folds back and forms a large round ring just behind his head, almost like a ball. You hear a deep growl as he humps at your mouth a few times and with a loud wet pop you see a large knot slip from his sheath and start to swell.

He grips your waist and pulls you out from under him and tosses you to the ground, then rolls you over so your on your hands and knees. In a flash he is on your back, his arms holding you tightly inplace as he presses the large tip between your cheeks, the precum so warm it almost burns as he pokes and prods, looking for the opening in his new mate.
With a loud grunt he finds it and starts to press in, the precum and foreskin make his entry less painful than you had thought, but it still burns and stings, and as you try and cry out, he places his teeth on the back of your neck and bites, letting his bitch know to be silent. He pops the tip inside and you whimper. For such a large beast he treats you gently, but as his need builds he starts to thrust eagerly, pressing the knot to your sore rings as he breeds you.

Just when you think he cant last any longer he pulls you back hard into a thrust, poping his knot in you as he starts to fill you with his seed. the sensations make you want to scream, and just as you are about to, you hear the most beautiful sound, his deep and low howl, the tone piercing your very soul as it shakes your body, instead of a scream, a low howl emerges from your throat as you join the male in a mateship howl.

He lays on your back and licks your neck, growling and sniffing happily as he pants, off in the distance you can hear several more holws as you know you are not alone.

Now here is your chance to experiance just a taste of the mateing ritual, and howl in joy.

Our price: $115.00 (€100.05)