Toys that don't fit any type of species.


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Bear Essentials

Our price: $75.00 (€65.25)
Darius the Lion

Our price: $65.00 (€56.55)
Dylan the Dolphin
The newest in a series we are doing of customer ideas.
The Anthro Dolphin toy is sure to make a splash.

Our price: $85.00 (€73.95)
A toy modeled after an anthro Hyena

Our price: $35.00 (€30.45)
Leo's Lance

Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)
Poseidon the Dolphin

Our price: $115.00 (€100.05)
The Kangaroo
Now here’s a fellow that’ll definitely put a little ‘bounce’ in your step and a ‘bend’ in your walk. He’s straight from the plains of Aussie Land and he’s assured to show you a ‘gooday’ if you know you know what we mean. Introducing our Kangaroo, our very own ‘rootastic fellow. He’s a hoppity guy and he’s got more than a bounce in his step. He’s willing to show you around his back yard, of course it’s pretty big so try and not get lost. He definitely knows his way around tho so he’s assured to keep you in good hands. And good hands he shall keep you in, he’s not one to let anyone get out of his sight and for good reason, he’s certainly more than eager to show you his ‘down under’ and he’s assured to get a ‘crikey’ from more than a few blokes.

Our price: $75.00 (€65.25)