Are you still new to using our animal dildos? Do you constantly get told you're just to tight? Need a little help fitting those last few inches in? Can't quite fit that knot you want? Well you've come to the right place! Here at Zetapawz we've made a line up that fits anyone's tastes, from all sizes of length and depth come our trainer line, the perfect set of dildos to help anyone train for those long nights we all love. From trumpets to pocketpals there's a size for everyone here. Eveyone of our training models is made with our 100% safe silicone and ensured to be perfect for learning how to ride. You're assured to be streched in all the right ways and some are enough to leave you gaping and begging for bigger and bigger toys, allowing anyone to work up to those 'hung studs' we all drool at. Hurry and get your trainer today because getting your wishlist toy could be easier with just a little training.


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Knotty Teacher
Our newest product in the Knotty lineup.

Our price: $50.00 (€43.50)
Large Torpedo
Representing the more gifted side of the human shape and girth is the larger of the Torpedo brothers, the Large Torpedo. He’s quite a pretty boy, with generous girth and length to please new comers and experienced persons alike. He’s a wonderful everyday use toy, long enough and has just the right amount of girth to give anyone a night they’ll remember. He loves to be paired with out other Zetapawz toys and is a perfect toy for depth and stretching practice. He’s considered to be our ring leader of naughty boys and he’s definitely a great add to anyone’s lineup of toys that they can’t go without. He’s great for anyone new to dildos and an excellent choice for those of us looking for a more of a recreational toy to use every day.

The measurements are 5/8" across the tip, 8" from tip to base, 2" across near the base and tapers along the shaft.

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Magnum - High Caliber Play

Our price: $75.00 (€65.25)
Mini Keeper
A new addition to our lineup, the Mini Keeper.

Our price: $10.00 (€8.70)
Pocket Pal
For anyone out there looking for a little guy here’s the perfect ‘warm-up’ for you. Introducing the Pocket Pal, our perfect little personal pocket sized dildo. He’s just the right size for an at work quickie, or pretty much anything else you could possibly think of; after all he does fit in your pocket. Our little Pal is just great for anyone brand new to anal play and perfectly priced for those who would like to try out our super gentle and safe silicone, he’s a wonderful little guy and ready to please even the shyest of boys and girls. The Pocket Pal is made of our ever-soft, ever-supple, super-safe silicone; so he’s assured to be just the right fit for anyone that’s never toyed before. He’s also perfect for anyone not sure if they are ready for anything a little bigger that’s shown on our site; because we here at Zetapawz know not everyone is quite as gifted as some others out there.

The measurements are 1/2" across the tip, 4.25" from tip to base, 1.75" across near the base.

Our price: $7.00 (€6.09)
An interesting addition to our toy lineup.
Multi level toy for stretching or just for use on its own.

Our price: $125.00 (€108.75)
Small Torpedo
With the youngest of our Torpedo line here’s our classic shape for anal play, the Small Torpedo. He’s a wonderful introduction to the world of our Zetapawz dildos, and represents the average size for a human size girth and length, making him a perfect companion for any first-timers and those of us that are a little extra tight for any of our ‘breathing’ lovers. Our Small Torpedo is a great addition to any couple’s routine, giving that little warm-up or extra added spice to anyone’s night of shared pleasure. Actually he’s quite nice as that little something extra, opening the ability to have those naughty fantasy threesome scenes without all the hassle and drama of the real thing. Great for double play or, if you dare, triple; he’s the wonderful addition to anyone’s necessary lineup of added toys in the bedroom.

The measurements are 1/2" across the tip, 6.75" from tip to base, 1.75" across near the base and along most of the shaft

Our price: $12.50 (€10.88)
The Double Dip
Here is a remake of an old favorite from the Gel lineup.
The Double Dip toy.
It has a tip similar to a large Hyena toy, with a bulbous knot near the base, so you can feel like you have been tied twice :)
Great for training, or just to enjoy by itself.

Our price: $35.00 (€30.45)
The Elastisizer
Well so say you’re looking for something that really stretches you out, you say your goal is to one day take our THOR? Well with this bad boy, you certainly can! Our biggest and baddest yet of the knotty series, our huge training dildo, the Elastisizer. He’s a massive 3.0 inches at the first level, a staggering feat for many, many people; but that’s just the beginning of his girth, he actually gets bigger, can you believe it?! The mass widens, growing to an astounding 4.5 inches and then a blistering 5.5. he’s a got a nickname, the king of keys, a certain catch all for all achievements you could ever possibly attain.

The dimensions are 3" wide at the first level, 4.5" wide at the second, 5.5" wide at the last level and 8 1/2" total length.

Our price: $160.00 (€139.20)
The Expander
Well, well, well, so say you’re not new to our stuff? Say you’re looking to be stuffed full and stretched out? Having dreams of being stuffed and filled with an ungodly mass? Looking to stretch out and even gape open, leaking out and dripping with that yummy, delicious, sticky lube? Well we here at Zetapawz can’t guarantee a night like that, but we can gave you this hunk! Boy oh boy is he a hunk of meat! Behold the mighty Expander, Zetapawz’s own mass of a stretcher. He’s definitely a big boy and not for the faint of heart, his girth is a solid, long mass that will leave anyone plenty stretched out, opening up all kinds of possibilities. Looking to take that extra large knot? Is your newest toy just a tad bit too big around the edges? Looking to feel totally stuffed and filled? Working your way up to taking some of our giants? Well the Expander certainly has our ticket!

Total height: 9.25" (23.49 centimeters)
Width: 2.5" (6.35 centimeters)
Circumference: 8.25" (20.95 centimeters)
Usable length: 8.5" (21.59 centimeters)

Our price: $60.00 (€52.20)
The Instructor

Our price: $42.50 (€36.98)
The Keeper
Are you looking to train and work your way up to take a knot for the first time, but don’t know how or what to get? Maybe something to help with that first virgin knotting? Well here at Zetapawz we’ve got a toy for everything and certainly willing to share this boy with you, introducing an old favorite, now available in silicone it’s the Keeper. The Keeper is our special, unique toy that’s designed for introducing a bulge in our dildos, perfect for anyone that’s looking at our canines, but still a little skittish to let any of our boys mount them. He’s a perfect introduction to the world of bulges and has his own set of unique sensations that we designed just for him.

Total height: 7.75" (19.68 centimeters)
Width (middle): 1.5" (3.81 centimeters)
Usable length: ??" (?? centimeters)

Our price: $15.00 (€13.05)
The Knotty Trainer
Can’t quite get your favorite toy’s knot quite in?
Looking for something that can help?
Are you always looking to take bigger and bigger things, maybe working your way up to bigger and better knots? Well here at Zetapawz we’ve heard the call of many who need a little help loosening up and have created our knotted trainers. The smaller of the two is also a favorite for many that just love our knots, the Knotty Trainer. Of course he’s specifically made to be easy to slip in and work up to each knot, his length and specific knot sizes are just perfectly separated to give anyone a chance to rest and work up to bigger and better things.
Of course the reward is great, especially when you fell it slip in, the accomplishment of taking the biggest knot on our trainer can open up a wide range of dildo options for anyone, letting anyone that’s looking for bigger and better things try all kinds of our dildos. His slender tip lets anyone ease up on the first knot and prepare for the second of three. His unique ability of being used like a plug give him the advantage for anyone that is willing to take time in working up to taking each knot and his smooth texture makes it as easy as can be. Our trainers are assured to help anyone get ready for the goal they desire, and of course he’s ready to jump in front of the line of your favorite dildos.

Our price: $30.00 (€26.10)
The Slider
Boy oh boy. Here he is boys and girls. The big daddy of Zetapawz trainers, the Slider. And let’s just say he’s the king of all silicone trainers. He’s our big boy here at Zetapawz, and of course he’s willing to stretch anyone out with his big girth, and boy does he have the girth on him. Slider is perfectly shaped to be just the ticket for anyone looking to stretch out to the max with our dildos. In fact, our slider is exactly the same width as our Akita’s knot, and that’s quite a girth indeed, perfect for training to take even our biggest of animal dildos. The Slider is a wonderful addition to anyone’s line up of larger toys and is perfect for stretching out even the most experienced of Zetapawz users.

The measurements are 1" across the tip, 8.75" from tip to base, 3.5" across near the base and tapering along the shaft.

Our price: $125.00 (€108.75)
The Slip Knot

Sliding right in is one of our favorite training dildos, an absolute Zetapawz original the very own, shaped to fit Slip Knot. The perfect starter for anyone. Believe it when we say it. This toy is perfect for anyone that wants to test out what Zetapawz really has to offer. From his smooth tip to his tapered shaft to his gentle knot that can sink right in and lock inside, but our trainer has an ace up his sleeve, letting anyone truly enjoy a special treat that few dildos can offer. The unique shape of the length behind his knot is modified to fit perfectly in between one’s legs or cheeks to give him the unique ability to stay inside you, even when you stand up or walk around!
Our Slip Knot has a few points that that make him ready to be taken home by anyone and enjoyed over and over again. Since he’s cast in our smooth Silicone material he’s assured to slide in easily, his smooth tip and tapered shaft let anyone get used to his gentle girth, and it’s just the perfect warm up for his knot. When it slips inside it’s the perfect size to sink in, letting anyone tie and let them stand up or walk around, the perfect tool or getting used to being stretched out and filled. Perfect for anyone that’s looking for a toy that can offer it all, our Slip knot is the perfect starter for anyone, and of course he’s ready to show off his stuff and become your favorite trainer.

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
The Super Trumpet

Our price: $140.00 (€121.80)
The Teaser
Sliding in with a tease is our super slim and ever long trainer dildo, the Teaser. As his name suggests he’s nothing less than a big ol’ tease. He’s just right for anyone looking to test out their depths or try out our ever soft and forgiving silicone. Tease is just a big ol’ softy when it comes down to it, he’s plenty long enough to reach the most sensitive spots and he’s perfect for anyone looking for their special ‘buttons’. With his super slick silicone finish he is assured to glide right in to the hilt like glass; he’s a wonderful starter toy for anyone looking at our lovely dildos and is just right for those who are just starting out or looking for something with a little length to offer. The Teaser is wonderfully crafted with a smooth and gentle taper, easing the gentle girth of his length into those nestled depths.

The measurements are 1/4" across the tip, 7.5" from tip to base, 1.25" across near the base.

Our price: $7.50 (€6.53)
The Trumpet
Looking for that perfect trainer dildo that lets you start or finish with him? Want more out of every inch of your dildo as you push it deeper and deeper? Well Zetapawz has created just that, our Trumpet. He’s our second largest trainer and he’s just perfect for anyone, letting his smooth, rounded tip open you up slightly and letting the smooth long taper spread anyone open with the gentle slope. He really is quite fun as the flare continues to grow and grow, spreading anyone generously as you sink down on the base. And ohh that base is something else, as this is one of BrownBear’s and My favorites, he’s a wonderful warm up toy and opens up in just the right way. This dildo trainer is perfect for anyone willing to work up to the big boys and those looking to stretch out and loosen for the more gifted of animal dildos we have lined up in our store.

The measurements are 1" across the tip, 10" from tip to base, 3" across near the base and along most of the shaft.

Our price: $40.00 (€34.80)