The Dragon Pinup

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Here at Zetapawz we’ve got quite the harem of males floating around, each with all kinds of curves, bulges, and all kinds of shapes and sizes. We’ve seen quite a few guys in our days and we’d thought we’d seen it all, but we could have never been ready for this hunk. Right from the origins of anyone’s fantasies come this big bad boy, and boy is he the naughty hunk, he’s everything we’ve heard of and more; he didn’t disappoint us one bit. We were told he would probably be a little rowdy, but as we all know we little it a little rough. If we wanted to guess at it we’d say he’s just the arrogant hunk we’ve been looking for.

Yep you guessed it, he’s our Silicone Dragon and boy oh boy is he ready for anything we could ever throw at him. He’s already told us he’s not too much of a smooth talker, but why would you need to be when you look as hot as that? He’s only got one thing on his mind, and his warm, ragged breath lets anyone know that he’s gonna get what he wants. He’s used to getting his way and, of course, he’s gonna make sure that anyone he sets his eye on knows why he’s the object of everyone’s dreams. His gentle tapered crown and almost uniform length is made for one thing, and it’s what he’s best at. Our Dragon is ready to plunge deep into your wildest dreams and show you what a real hunk can do, we got a good look at him and we found out that his shaft not only has those luscious ridges to rock your world, but it’s just right for anyone to ride him all night long. That is, if you get on top.

Our Dragon has got to be one of the hottest things around and we definitely didn’t want to let him slip away so easily, so before he left our Zetapawz studio we got a few shots of our camera off and he didn’t mind flexing those scales of his for us. Our Dragon has let us have an unique chance to let anyone bring a little bit of him home, the little bit that’s only a part of your deepest fantasies and desires. Of course, we’d be selfish if we kept the pinup of him all to our selves, so now anyone can have a hunk to look at as he shows you really why he’s in your dreams.

Shipped in poster tubes to protect from creases and other shipping hazards.

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