The Dragon

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For a long time people have trouble sleeping, whether it be from anxiety or stress, sometimes we just canít sleep; while other times we sometimes wake up for no reason. Itís said that sometimes, late at night you can hear him, the creature of the night. He goes around looking for just the right person, occasionally moving from home to home as his heavy breath and reverberating footsteps shake the ground. He doesnít visit everyone; just a few each night, but those that do get to see him are shown his true nature. Heís not vicious no, but shy; creeping around in the dark, trying to find a friend to play with. Here at Zetapawz we tend to work all kinds of hours making our beloved animal dildos and just so happen to stumble on this hunk of a nightly creature roaming our halls early one morning.
We call him our Gel Dragon and boy is this guy friendly; he was all too eager to show us his stuff and we werenít disappointed one bit! Heís cast in our slick gel material, so heís assured to slip right in. With his tapered and angled crown this beast of the night is gonna hit all the right spots and that unique curve lets him unleash his true nature, brining pleasure to anyoneís nighttime adventure. Of course we also know that not everyone likes a curve so we can remove it when making this dildo for you, assuring that anyone wanting to ride this hunk all the way to his luscious ridges can without a care in the world. Our very own Dragon is a really unique guy, ready to be the nightly pleasure that many keep coming back for again and again.

The measurements are 2" across the tip, 7 1/2" shaft, 2 1/2" across the Ridges, 10 1/2" from tip to base, 12" total length.
Weight 2.00 lbs
Total length 12" (30.5 cm)
Usable length 10.5 (26.7 cm)
Head width 2 (5.1 cm)
Head circumference Not specified
Shaft length 7.5 (19.1 cm)
Shaft width Not specified
Shaft circumference Not specified
Knot length Not specified
Knot width Not specified
Knot circumference Not specified
Width near base Not specified
Circumference near base Not specified
Length behind knot Not specified
Our price: $70.00 (60.90)
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