The Silicone Gryphon

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Its said that the executives here at Zetapawz really do have the negotiative skills that anyone would kill for, and boy oh boy did we hit the jackpot with this one. Hes the king of the skies and second to none in the air or at the tender art of romance. Hes our Silicone Gryphon and hes a handsome hunk of a feathered youth at that. Just a glimpse of his eyes has cooed even the most stubborn of admirers, and hes always trying to find out which one of his fans is the one hes been looking for. Hes swift and soft, perfect at his duties of royalty; hes never failed at a single thing, but were not too interested in his life here. We got the perfect opportunity when he showed up at our Zetapawz studio and boy oh boy were we not unimpressed, hes even more handsome without his robes on; and trust us, we werent staring at those glistening well groomed feathers for too long.
Hes got a piece thatll make anyone drool in a state of shocked surprise, his whole length is amazing to even just look at. His slender shaft and gentle tip let anyone know that hes soft and gentle with the foreplay, but the lower we looked the more we realized his true heritage lies in what really hiding under his sheath. Hes not called the shining star of the night for nothing, his gorgeous shaft has a one of a kind five pointed knot, something thats assured to show anyone why hes the king of the air and everyones desires. We just about ran into the opportunity of a lifetime and when we finally sat down with him he told us why he sought us out. Hes tired of always rolling around all over the place and wants to settle down and, of course, were ready to bring him right into your home. However, we thought just having an intimate time with this handsome fellow might just not be enough, so weve also got the chance to release our very own pinup of our handsome prince. Dont hesitate and grab this rare opportunity to own your very own prince of the skies and a sexy pinup to look at as you and him get more acquainted with your gryphon dildo. .

Length:10.75 Inches
Usable Length:8.5 Inches
Diameter of heads first crown:1.25 Inches
Diamter of heads second crown:1.75 Inches
Diameter midshaft:1.75 Inches
Diamter of knot side to side: 3 inches
Diameter of knot front to back:2.75 inches
SKU SKU162241
Weight 3.00 lbs
Total length 10.75" (27.3 cm)
Usable length 8.5" (21.6 cm)
Head width 1.75" (4.4 cm)
Head circumference Not specified
Shaft length Not specified
Shaft width 1.75" (4.4 cm)
Shaft circumference Not specified
Knot length Not specified
Knot width 3" (7.6 cm)
Knot circumference Not specified
Width near base Not specified
Circumference near base Not specified
Length behind knot Not specified
Our price: $90.00 (78.30)
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