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Congratulations, youve found out that curiosity doesnt quite kill, but it certainly has its rewards. Hes a Zetapawz legend and hes feared and also lusted after with unsatisfying hunger, behold THOR our massive hunk of a equine dildo and the biggest thing weve got. Hes massive; strong, thick and bulging muscles are certainly a showoff to anyone that catches an eye of this hunk. Of course hes certainly a bad boy when it comes down to it, happily taking anyone, anyway he can get it, believe us the lucky few that find THOR in their pants are sure to love him to stretch them in unimaginable ways.
Hes cast in copious amounts of our slick gel material and thats the perfect aid in helping him in, because hes gonna need all the help he can get to get it into you. His crown a massive five inches, able to stretch anyone to their limits and some even past what the ever could have imagined. His girth is only second to the overwhelming length he carries around, even to his lump of a median ring thats willing to literally pop in and make him push deeper. Few have ever hilted him, this giant of the Zetapawz animal dildo world and few know the deeply satisfying reward he can bring. THOR is a big boy indeed, and certainly in a class of his own. Which is why were so proud to offer anyone the chance to have this hunk give them a visit; who knows, maybe hell decide to stay and keep those nights coming again and again.
SKU SKU161551
Weight 12.00 lbs
Total length 24" (61 cm)
Usable length Not specified
Head width 5" (12.7 cm)
Head circumference Not specified
Shaft length Not specified
Shaft width Not specified
Shaft circumference Not specified
Knot length Not specified
Knot width Not specified
Knot circumference Not specified
Width near base Not specified
Circumference near base Not specified
Length behind knot Not specified
Our price: $120.00 (104.40)
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