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Sliding in with a tease is our super slim and ever long trainer dildo, the Teaser. As his name suggests he’s nothing less than a big ol’ tease. He’s just right for anyone looking to test out their depths or try out our ever soft and forgiving silicone. Tease is just a big ol’ softy when it comes down to it, he’s plenty long enough to reach the most sensitive spots and he’s perfect for anyone looking for their special ‘buttons’. With his super slick silicone finish he is assured to glide right in to the hilt like glass; he’s a wonderful starter toy for anyone looking at our lovely dildos and is just right for those who are just starting out or looking for something with a little length to offer. The Teaser is wonderfully crafted with a smooth and gentle taper, easing the gentle girth of his length into those nestled depths.
His gentle and pointed tip is so soft that he’s also nick-named the phantom slider, his tip is absolutely the best for those of us that aren’t quite experienced with penetration, but is gentle enough to show anyone that he’s opening up a whole world of pleasure. Tease is an old pro when it comes to letting anyone have a night they’d never forget and when it comes down to it he’s quite the showman when he’s generously ‘ridden’. Of course he’s a wonderful addition or starter toy for anyone looking for their first set of dildos and he’s assured to tickle in all the right ways. The Teaser is perfect for depth training and getting used to having any sizeable length inside those warm depths anyone might need to fill.

The measurements are 1/4" across the tip, 7.5" from tip to base, 1.25" across near the base.

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