Dylan The Dolphin

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As you emerge into the light of the warm day, you look to the west and see standing there on the sun drenched beach, a large Anthro Dolphin, he sees you looking at him and slowly turns toward you, placing his towel on the back of his beach chair, you notice a slit between his legs. As he looks you over, you can clearly see the slit darken and then a tapered tip emerges and slowly lengthens, pulsing and jumping with his heartbeat.

Suddenly, it begins to spread open and from inside of it, another tip appears and slips slowly from the first, veins and ridges appear and begin to swell as he walks toward you, the tip moving slowly as you can see how prehensile the Dolphin is, the ring where the tips join on the shaft now swelling to resemble a knot.

As you look over the shaft, you can clearly see the folds under the shaft, and the ridge going along the edges of his pseudo knot, then tapering back to a smaller area behind the knot.

Dylan is sure to make a splash wherever he goes., and the tapered tip is sure to make for an easy insertion, and the pseudo knot is enough to give you a great deal of pleasure.

SKU SKU162581
Weight 2.20 lbs
Total length 9 3/4"
Usable length 8 1/2"
Head width 1/4" tip
Head circumference Not specified
Shaft length 5 1/4"
Shaft width 1 3/4"
Shaft circumference Not specified
Knot length 1 1/2"
Knot width 2 1/2"
Knot circumference Not specified
Width near base 1 1/2"
Circumference near base Not specified
Length behind knot 1 1/2"


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