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*Nidhogg or Nidhoggr [also known as the "Dread Biter"] was one of the most feared of the early Nordic dragons. He lived at the foot of the world ash tree, Yggdrasil. The tree had three great roots, one of which reached over the freezing mist and darkness of Niflheim where Hel reigned as Queen of the Norse Underworld. Nidhogg could also be found at Hvergelmir [the bubbling cauldron], the spring in Niflheim which is the source of all the rivers of the world.*

Now from the mists of time, this aincent dragon has awakened and seeks a mate.
Will you give yourself over and experiance the passion and desire he offers you?

*information sourced from

Total length 10"
Usable length 7.5"
Head width 2.2"
Head circumference 6"
Shaft length 5"
Shaft width 1.8"
Shaft circumference 6"
Knot length Not specified
Knot width Not specified
Knot circumference Not specified
Width near base 2"
Circumference near base 6.2"


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