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Introducing the first in our line of Euro Dildos, The Euro Ruff Jr. the perfect starter for any novice and the perfect warm up toy for any ‘tight’ beginner. This naughty puppy comes fully swollen with a generous curve under his shaft that bulges and fills all the right spots. His curved tip lets him gently gain easy entry and reveals that this playful little guy loves to tease and tickle everywhere before he gets busy. Jr. is our smallest canine dildo and also shares our smallest knot, the perfect introduction for anyone shy to taking any kind of knot.
Ruff Jr. might be shy, teasing and smaller than most other of our animal dildos, but Jr. makes up for it with his experience, excellent training and people skills. His friendly nature and playful attitude lets him make friends with anyone while his experience and slick texture allow him to fit perfectly for anyone. Jr. is the smallest of our Euro toys, meaning he’s adorned with our smooth texture, slippery and soft in all the right ways. His silky shaft slides easily inside, while his knot makes a fun ‘pop’ when he glides in and ties, letting his slick length be buried deep even in the most inexperienced of users. Jr. is a nice little fellow, willing to help anyone new to toys experience everything that any canine dildo can offer. Jr. is a great first toy for anyone and is such a friendly puppy that he’d love to come home with you.

The measurements are 3/4" across the tip, 5.5" from tip to base, 1.5" across the knot.
SKU SKU161734
Weight 1.00 lbs
Total length 5.3" (13.5 cm)
Usable length 4.9" (12.4 cm)
Head width 0.9" (2.4 cm)
Head circumference 3" (7.5 cm)
Shaft length 2.6" (6.5 cm)
Shaft width 1.1" (2.8 cm)
Shaft circumference 3.5" (8.9 cm)
Knot length 1.4" (3.5 cm)
Knot width 1.7" (4.3 cm)
Knot circumference 5.4" (13.6 cm)
Width near base Not specified
Circumference near base Not specified
Length behind knot 0.9" (2.4 cm)

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