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This is Euro Ruff, Zetapaws’ silicone representation of our classic canine Dildos. He is covered in our slick texture and is assured to be silky smooth, able to glide and ‘pop’ in all the right ways, giving him the perfect place to be used by those who are not only new to canine toys or animal dildos in general, but also Ruff is perfect for those who are looking for more from their toy. He has a bulged shaft that is unique to some of our toys, but he is the only Euro that has this feature and let me tell you, that first bulge on his shaft is bliss when it slips inside. Ruff also has a dimpled tip that tickles and loves to tease even your deepest most regions.
Ruff is our largest dog of the Euro line and is not only great for beginners, but also amazing to use as an everyday toy. Ruff has seen plenty of action and is certainly more than willing to show off his skills, those certain somethings that make any ordinary night into something extraordinary. Believe it when we say extraordinary because his knot is a object of beauty, the medium sized bulb literally ‘pops’ in and always seals an amazing tie making anyone proudly display this dildo, showing off to others that they are having some awesome, wild nights in the bedroom. Ruff is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection and is also a perfect starter to those a little more brave and experienced. Anyone can fully enjoy everything this toy has to offer and Ruff is more than willing to go home with you.

The measurements are 1" across the tip, 7.75" from tip to base, 2.25" across the knot, and the knot is about 1.5" tall.

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