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Over the centuries, scientists have been working on experiments to subdue and interrogate anyone they wished. Some used pain, other pleasure.
All of the projects have been shutdown or abandoned, but only one hasn't been brought down by the creators or groups. The project matured too quickly for the researchers and was able to escape into the ocean.
The scientists won't talk about what happened, but the location is known... and we found it.

We took a trip down to the islands where it was being grown to search for it. Actually, the previous statement wasn't entirely correct. It found us. Late at night we were just out fishing a mile or two from shore and the boat started rocking and then these glowing purple things came up out of the water!
It was like nothing we've ever seen before... I mean, what on this earth glows purple and is in the sea? Doesn't seem to be natural... Regardless, we ran into the cabin but one of our buddies wasn't as lucky. Several of these tentacles came up, and got him...

Well, that was when we realised why the scientists never talked... Needless to say, he was interrogated... We even made some popcorn to watch and one of us managed to get a great snapshot of the event!

After we got back to shore, we were able to analyze the picture, what it left behind and our colleague's testimony. Apparently glowing purple is the creatures natural coloring. Odd, but cool..
Those bulges also don't look to stay the same size. From what we could tell, the bulges increase in size the further from the tip it is.
Additionally, according to our colleague, it was a fairly smooth ride except for some minor wrinkles in the tentacles surface...
Unfortunately he (our colleague) didn't seem to think it would be extremely good for females due to the size of the thing, but still may be attempted by some..

Using just that info, we were able to make the tentacle dildo as accurate as possible.
We're soon going to be selling our friends privacy, just need to send him back to the interrogator a bit more so he doesn't mind as much.

Total length 12.5" (31.75 cm)
Usable length 11.7" (29.71 cm)
Head width Not specified
Head circumference Not specified
Shaft length 11.7" (29.71 cm)


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