The Elastisizer

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Well so say you’re looking for something that really stretches you out, you say your goal is to one day take our THOR? Well with this bad boy you certainly can! Our biggest and baddest yet of the knotty series, our huge training dildo, the Elastisizer. He’s a massive 3.0 inches at the first level, a staggering feat for many, many people; but that’s just the beginning of his girth, he actually gets bigger, can you believe it?! The mass widens, growing to an astounding 4.5 inches and then a blistering 5.5. he’s a got a nickname, the king of keys, a certain catch all for all achievements you could ever possibly attain.
Of course he’s the biggest thing we’ve got and we can’t offer much more than this guy, he’s certainly able to strike fear into a few people, or at least raise some eyebrows. He’s really a thing to look at for sure, actually if you can’t take him he makes a nice stool if you turn him upside down, a real nice work out for the core to keep up that balance. :3 Of course that’s not the intended use we wanted anyone to use him for. This trainer is not for the weak of heart; he pretty much demands experience and won’t have anything less, so by all means if you invite him into your home please be ready for his exceptional skill.

The dimensions are 3" wide at the first level, 4.5" wide at the second, 5.5" wide at the last level and 8 1/2" total length.

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