The Expander

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Well, well, well, so say you’re not new to our stuff? Say you’re looking to be stuffed full and stretched out? Having dreams of being stuffed and filled with an ungodly mass? Looking to stretch out and even gape open, leaking out and dripping with that yummy, delicious, sticky lube? Well we here at Zetapawz can’t guarantee a night like that, but we can gave you this hunk! Boy oh boy is he a hunk of meat! Behold the mighty Expander, Zetapawz’s own mass of a stretcher. He’s definitely a big boy and not for the faint of heart, his girth is a solid, long mass that will leave anyone plenty stretched out, opening up all kinds of possibilities. Looking to take that extra large knot? Is your newest toy just a tad bit too big around the edges? Looking to feel totally stuffed and filled? Working your way up to taking some of our giants? Well the Expander certainly has our ticket!
He’s crafted to be smooth and slick, able the glide like ice into those tight depths, letting his mass stretch out anyone brave enough to work on his length. He’s cast in our soft and supple silicone so he’s assured to be the perfect shower buddy to warm up for taking your favorite large toy, not to mention leaving you with that wonderful sore feeling that makes many of us come back over and over again. We here at Zetapawz love our Expander and you can almost spot someone around that office that’s had an evening with this big boy. It’s actually humorous to see one of us limp around for a little while. All jokes aside this is one great addition to anyone’s lineup of dildos and is a must have for stretchers!

Total height: 9.25" (23.49 centimeters)
Width: 2.5" (6.35 centimeters)
Circumference: 8.25" (20.95 centimeters)
Usable length: 8.5" (21.59 centimeters)

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