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 on: March 13, 2014, 04:49:20 PM 
Started by michaelbertucci - Last post by michaelbertucci
I finally got it and I was so excited I striped off my clothes grabbed the lotion and tried to get in in. I did not cum the whole day as I was saving it for when i got the toy. it Was way bigger than I thought. at first glance it does not look big at all but it is. the only issue i had with it was getting it in me as it keep flopping out of me but that is to be expected and its good since if it was harder you could hurt your self easily. I am uploading 2 vids to xtube if any one wishes to see them ill post the links when i get them uploaded. if your looking for a beginners furry toy this toy is the answer. the wait is long however the result is amazing. this toy is very well made and is heavy to I felt like i had a real dog cock in my hand and i could not help but kiss and lick it all over. Thanx for the amazing toy bear. also the purple color is really cool as when I look at it i imagine i am worshiping a furry canine futa/shemale.
So in closing
Customer service really surprised me . I was expecting a completely different treatment. Even when i got upset and a bit rude He was to very paitent with me and this I did not expect. Since i never got my toy in 2-3 years or so and it was not bears fault at all it just got lost. He sent me a new one and sent it to my current address for that I m very thankful.
Shipping /waiting time-  well waiting was very long and shipping was only a week.
Quality of item- yea feeling it first hand it my hole and suck and kissing all over it it felt so life like and heavy. I mean i could knock my self out with the toy if i cock slapped my self to hard but that is the good part of it. It shows much work was put into the toy.
Will I shop here again/ recommend a friend?  Absolutely the wait time might be long however the customer service and quality of the toy cant be beat any where else. I mean this is my first time using it and its been an hour since and im still tingling with excitement I am definitely planning to use it more and the suction cup part too.

 on: March 13, 2014, 02:37:24 PM 
Started by silver89 - Last post by wolflover
Welcome to the fourms from one wolf to another

 on: March 13, 2014, 02:35:57 PM 
Started by Brownbear - Last post by Vixen
Nevermind, I already ordered one from the site.

 on: March 13, 2014, 02:25:53 PM 
Started by wolflover - Last post by wolflover
Well after looking at zeta paws for a number of years .and browsing the site again recely trying to decide what to order I chose  the Helmut I placed my order on jan 14th of this year and even with asking a few qustions.on rough idea when id get it Igot it faster then Iexpected. Bear and other staff were great help.      

First impressions of packageing.bear dose indeed ship very discreet a usps box with just his name and return address and a little bear graphic box just looks like anyone could have sent it.only concern was I thought it was lost tracking said it came yesterday but came today postal service issue not bears fault box was crushed a bit again usps not bear. To my surprise when I opened box there was a wet wipe a condom and candy candy was crushed but still good and care instructions and guide to safe sex I enjoyed reading.

The toy when I picked it up the weight surprised me . it has a very good solid feeling weight To  it it dose not feel cheap at all. After un bagging it Iwas suprised at the texture even with the baby powder. After washing the baby powder off I could feel the texture and as he warmed up from the water wow did it feel realistic. The detail is so much better then the pictures on the site show  and the coloring is perfect. I do like them medium feel for firmness its soft but not to soft. And the suction cup is a nice feature. He dose stand well on his own also.

Use .I will be trying him out more tonight when my mate is its a birthday gift morefor him but he may just lose him.
But the play iv done so far is amazing. he feels so good sliding in and fills you up perfect the knot I did not take the knot yet but I will tonight.   I will update this part of review when Itake the knot.

So overall
Ordering 8 out of 10 there needs to be a way to compare toys side by side.
Time till order made 10 out of 10
Shipping 10 out of 10
Product 10 out of 10
Will I order from again yes
Would I recommend company to a friend yes.

Also I must say thank you to bear for concern over health issues and broken ribs I had.  He did not have to show any of the concern.that he did as a person who ran a company for years that's what brings people back.      

 on: March 12, 2014, 11:57:55 AM 
Started by bryofromohio - Last post by knotme
I am selling all 33 toys I own, and ONLY SELLING them.  NO TRADES.  Pm me with questions or offers.

Prices are as listed; however I will take OBO ( or best offers ) but make them reasonable offers please.

Shipping will be 5 dollars to US and CAN, International will be at your own expense.  Also If you buy more than one toy It will be a flat shipping cost as they would all go in one box.  For example you buy 3 toys shipping is 5 dollars total in the us and Can, and whatever it comes out to be for international shipping.

Bad Dragon - 9

Legacy Fusion - sc/ct - white to blue metallic fade - 5 firmness - $100
Legacy Fusion - emerald green - 5 firmness - $75
Medium Elden - sc - natural color - 5 firmness - $80
Medium Bruiser - royal purple - 8 firmness - $75
Medium Virgil - ct - royal purple - 5 firmness - $90
Medium Flared Chance - ct - metallic st pattys green - 5 firmness - $100
Medium Legacy Sea Dragon 2.0 - sc - natural color - 8 firmness - $120
Large Razor - blossom pink - 5 firmness - $80
Large Naga - sc - royal purple - 3 firmness - $100

Exotic Erotics  4

Large Craaw the croc - blood red - 3 firmness - $110
Wyvern (discontinued) - Florescent green shaft/ Florescent blue base - 8 firmness -  $50
Bartlebee life cast k9 - florescent red fade to black - 8 firmness - $50
Cody - sc - natural color - 5 firmness - $40

Zeta Paws   4

Euro Akita - sc - red - 5 firmness - $60
Helmutt - sc - natural - 8 firmness - $30         ON HOLD
Naymon - sc - natural - 8 firmness - $60
Nidhogg - sc - black - 5 firmness - $70
Knotty Instructor - sc - pink - 5 firmness - $20

Cody is now available

 on: March 11, 2014, 09:29:52 PM 
Started by Brownbear - Last post by Vixen
Any Boxies in natural coming up at all?

 on: March 11, 2014, 06:10:51 PM 
Started by Brownbear - Last post by Brownbear
Orders for 3-11-14:

7007 + Free Toy

More coming Thursday.


 on: March 11, 2014, 04:33:11 PM 
Started by koinukasuka - Last post by koinukasuka
welcome to our little corner of the net Smiley


Thanks Cheesy

 on: March 11, 2014, 04:01:06 PM 
Started by Brownbear - Last post by Brownbear
That's what im here for.


 on: March 11, 2014, 03:56:40 PM 
Started by icey_kitsune - Last post by Brownbear
We are considering doing him next in our lineup


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