Strapless toys for Furry/Yiffy cosplay (and other fun)

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I'm sure all the furries here will love this idea. I got the idea while I was browsing the forum because of all the furries here, and because I'm into pegging (women doing men with a strapon) and have been thinking about getting a "strapless" strapon for just such occasions. I'm not into dressing furry myself but I love furry art, especially the dickgirl/futanari furries. A strapless strapon, fyi, is sort of a double-dong dildo with a retention bulb for the vagina/anus (usually placed to hit the G-spot/prostrate) of the wearer, or Top, on a curved 'neck' leading to the main dildo to be used on the Bottom.

Here are some links to the 3 examples of these that I'm aware of - The Feeldoe, The Nexus, and The Share XL.

They all have variations, but frankly, I'm a size freak (even though I can't take anything wider than 3") and even the biggest versions of these don't excite me much. (although, the ridges on that Share XL make me drool) So, as I was looking at the 'Suggestions' threads here and thinking about yiffy play, I thought "Hey! Zeta could do it!".

And then I thought that there could also be one made for the guys to wear over their penis & balls, like a PPA, and could also serve as a masturbation sleeve. And either of them could be worn with furry costumes, with holes cut out in the appropriate spots, without an annoying and chafing harness showing. And, done with balls and the natural coloring, the visual effect would be spot on.

So I whipped up a couple of rough images to illustrate the ideas and they're attached below. I based them on the Akita since it's a model that's already thick enough to have room inside for a human penis, although I suggest a smaller knot so that these are usable by more people for tying play, and a great number of furries are canines. Of course, these can also be made in equine, feline, etc., etc.. You could call them "The Yiffy Line". ;D

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory and I include text on them about various features and ideas. But I forgot to mention something about the guys model. It may be obvious, but I'll mention it just to be sure it's clear. The guys version should be molded in a contracted state, along the shaft (including the knot) where the tube is on the inside, so that it expands to the normal size when an erect penis of average girth is inserted.

The idea for the internal slanted ribbing is kind of like the inverse of the ridges on that Share XL dildo, for stimulation during solo or partnered play. I guess the tube should be about 7.5 or 8 inches long from the very back of the toy for those of us more blessed than most. (I'm 6.5" max along the top on a good day) The back of the guys version would have a hole to insert the penis and balls through which will behave as an erection ring and hold the toy in place without a harness, about 1.5" in diameter, I guess, since the silicone will stretch. (I just learned recently that my size for a metal cockring, behind the balls, is 2" inside diameter) Or maybe that could be a custom choice for smaller or larger guys. Note: Metal cockrings have to be put on while soft but this would probably be easier to slide on while erect, popping the balls through while stretching the hole open. The men's version could also be used like a regular Zeta toy with an average sized human-style dildo plugging the tube. Maybe Brown Bear could make one for his human line that will plug it perfectly.

OK, enough already. The pics explain the rest.

BTW, BB, I'm unemployed at the moment but once I have a good job again I would definitely be willing to do that investment/preorder deal on these models. I'd love to have (both the guy & gal versions of) these in a canine & a (2.5" dia. flare & ring, 10" long) equine. Also dragon, gryphon, and maybe a tiger without the bend. (Does that seem greedy? LOL) Thanks for taking our suggestions, BB. :)


OMG! Now I've thought up a futanari version!

For those that don't know, a futanari or futa, is a hermaphrodite, having a penis (or a really big clit) and a vagina with no balls.

So, now imagine the gal's Yiffy without the balls and having a vaginal opening with a penis tube like the guy's Yiffy. And now she can be done whilst doing someone else. Great for 3-way play! Woohoo!

And, come to think of it, that vaginal part without the external penis could be the design for the 'female parts' masturbator that was being discussed.


I think it sounds neat, but some of us might have a bit of trouble fitting into it :P The female versions(for pegging) sound awesome, though, but I wonder how large of an order base they'd have. I suppose you could remove most of the base in the design, and use the female portion as a handle so it could be used for solo play as well...?

Quote from: zqfmgb on August 07, 2009, 07:44:04 AM

I think it sounds neat, but some of us might have a bit of trouble fitting into it :P The female versions(for pegging) sound awesome, though, but I wonder how large of an order base they'd have. I suppose you could remove most of the base in the design, and use the female portion as a handle so it could be used for solo play as well...?

Well, I was shooting for 'one size fits most'. Even I am above average, according to the Kinsey Institute, and I still thought to suggest more room. Maybe BB could offer a bigger model (although think about how big the outside would be) or an option for a longer tube. I had also thought about one that's an open ended tube (like a 'Thick-Ur-Dick' PPA) that ends with the knot leaving your penis sticking out the front. After all, if you're hung like a horse, all you'd really need is the knot to become a Great Dane. LOL

And, I bet more people would order these than order Thor, especially if we spread the word in the Furry communities. This would be a dream come true for a lot of Yiffies.

There are reasons to keep the base. 1: Visual reasons. It would have the texture of the sheath and pelvis like the other natural models already do and the natural coloring would complete the effect. 2: It would provide a little more rigidity to keep it from flopping forward, because this will have more weight on it than those human shaped models I mentioned, especially with a knot or the equine's girth and length. And, if you remove it, you're just making a double-dong which has been proposed already. 3: A flange for when you do want to give it some extra support with a harness or by wearing under clothing (furry costume or crotchless panties) with the penis sticking through an opening. 4: A possible legal reason I was going to raise to BB if he liked this idea. Mia Kain, the inventor of the Feeldoe, has patents on it in the U.S.. On the main patent, she specifically denotes, that as requirement of the design, hers LACKS a flange. Anything that would distinguish BB's from hers will prevent any infringement issues, although after visiting the Feeldoe website I believe that she's more concerned about people selling knockoffs of the Feeldoe while claiming it is a Feeldoe. That is specifically mentioned. However, a little research of her other patents to make sure she didn't cover variations that would be used in the 'Yiffy' toy would be prudent. Here's a search result link -

@BB, I know you're worried about copying stuff and the inflatable knot may be one thing, (although those guys can't say that invented inflatable sextoys, can they?) but I think you could do this one because it's so different. And, I bet you could even contact Mia Kain and ask her if she'd give you grief if you sold a strapless dildo that was quite different from hers and I bet she wouldn't.


Wasn't aware of the specifics of the Feeldoe patent. That alone is a fantastic reason to keep the base, and the others make sense, too. Yes, Thor is certainly a niche market; I was speaking as to the fact that, relatively, there seem to be fewer women into furry than men who are willing to take it up the butt... not that that's the only use for it, certainly.

I agree about the size of the available strapless strap-ons. I was considering trying one with a silicone width/length extension sheath on it, thought that might be a better time.


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